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Best Decking Materials

Find The Best Decking Materials for You

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April 26, 2024

Deck Rail Options in Kansas City

The Best Decking Materials for You

No matter why you’re building a deck, your project shouldn’t have to settle for good enough products! For truly elevated living in your great outdoors, The Deck Supply has the best brands and advice for every deck project.

Our team has decades of experience building the best decks in the Midwest. Let’s discuss how our dexperts can help find the best decking materials for you!

Deck Defining Factors

Before we get into the brands and products we recommend, it’s important to understand the defining factors surrounding your project. These factors help our dexperts determine the best decking materials to fit your needs. Here are some of the most important considerations we help customers understand before buying deck supplies.


The biggest factor in any home improvement project is the budget. That’s why this is one of the first things we talk about as we discuss your project in our showroom. At The Deck Supply, we offer a variety of solutions to suit almost every budget. To avoid busting your budget, our dexperts recommend finding the best deck materials that come in below your budget, not meet it. This ensures some wiggle room for unexpected additional expenses, and extra upgrades if everything goes according to plan!


The most important factor in every deck project is the structure it’s connected to! As we get to know your project, our dexperts help to consider all aspects of your project from design tips to building codes. Whether you’re upgrading an old deck, or building an entirely new one, we’ll talk about the dimensions, form, and function of your ideal deck. To envision your design, start by asking yourself these questions.

  • How big do I want my deck?
  • What colors work with the design of my building?
  • Where will my deck live?


Where you live will help us determine the climate and conditions it needs to endure. A deck built near a waterfall will need to withstand very different conditions than one built near a desert. So to find the best deck materials for you, our dexperts discuss details like your climate zone, sunlight direction, and more. Typical DIYers don’t think about these details, but to our dexperts, the longevity of your deck is all about location, location, location.


There’s nothing worse than feeling in over your head in the middle of a project. Intricate designs, complex structures, and time constraints all put pressure on DIYers and contractors alike. To keep your project on track and maintain your peace of mind, our dexperts get real about scope and expectations. As we discuss the best deck materials for your project, we’ll help you understand the labor, timeline, and ongoing maintenance your dream deck requires. We also share our industry connections to recommend trusted, experienced installers.

Materials and More

When you trust The Deck Supply, you get a lot more than just industry-leading products. Our industry insights and deckades of experience help us hand-select every brand and solution we offer. So with a clear understanding of the crucial factors surrounding your project, let’s go over the best deck materials our dexperts recommend every day.


To build a professional quality deck, it all starts with the hardware holding everything together. The Deck Supply has every fastener, connector, and tool you’ll need to build a deck that stands the test of time. Here are some of the best deck materials we carry in this category.


CAMO DRIVE Collated Composite Screw Bundle

CAMO Drive Collated Composite Screw Bundle

Before you spend hours on your knees lining up screws, drilling, and praying that every board stays straight, check out our favorite bundles from CAMO! With the CAMO Drive Tool and all the screws you need, this bundle is built to speed up every install. While this bundle includes collated composite screws for composite and PVC decking, we offer many other fastener solutions to hold all the best decking materials tightly together!

Galvanized Face-Mount Joist Hanger by Simpson Strong-Tie

The best deck materials in the world are nothing without strong ties holding them together! That’s why you’ll only find the best framing connectors at The Deck Supply. We carry an array of galvanized joist hangers, stringer connectors, and more from Simpson Strong Tie to keep your deck laser straight for years to come.

GTape Deck Flash Blocking

G-Tape Deck Flashing

While investing thousands of dollars and hours of labor, you should never forget about protecting your deck! That’s why we always recommend flashing to prevent damage due to the elements over time. G-Tape Deck Flashing is the best way to protect joists, ledger boards, and posts from the elements for up to 20 years.

Deck Boards

The most visible investment you can make in your exterior are the deck boards you’ll be standing on for years. That’s why it’s a great idea to invest in high-quality, low-maintenance composite deck boards. These are the best deck materials for getting started, making an investment, and top-shelf solutions!

Entry Level

Fiberon Good Life – Weekender Collection

At The Deck Supply, the Good Life is always in reach for anyone looking for the best deck materials on a budget! These deck boards are some of the best entry-level options because of Fiberon’s commitment to quality construction and customer service after the sale.

In addition to an ultra-durable composite construction, The Good Life collection comes with a quarter-century warranty against stain, fade, and failure. Dive into the world of Fiberon with our in-depth brand profile!

Brand Profile: Fiberon Decking

Making An Investment

Trex Transcend Premium Tropicals Decking

If you love the look and feel of exotic hardwoods but aren’t a fan of maintenance, this is the best deck material to invest in! Trex Transcend Premium Tropicals provides all the looks of 5 beautiful, sought-after woods with a fraction of the required maintenance.

Every board is made of 95% recycled materials and a high-density protective shell. Amazing looks, environmentally friendly construction, ultra-durable materials, and a half-century warranty make the Trex Transcend collection a great choice to invest in the future of your deck!

High End

Timbertech AZEK® Vintage WIDE Decking

When customers ask for the absolute best, our dexperts answer the call with Timbertech AZEK. The Vintage collection provides the most durable PVC materials on the market with the beauty of exotics like Ipe, Teak, and more!

Timbertech’s ultra-durable PVC material is made up of approximately 50% recycled post-industrial plastic. That means every board is built with the future in mind! Unbeatable durability, environmentally friendly construction, and almost no maintenance required are why these boards are well worth the price.


Most deck designs require railing for a complete, cohesive design. After investing in the best decking materials for hardware and boards, you shouldn’t cut corners on the railing! To give our customers the best options on the market, we offer three types of railing. Here are three ways to elevate the form and function of your railing!


Fortress Fe26 AXIS 34″ Rail

These panels are the most innovative steel railing solution from Fortress Building Products. The horizontal profile is a great way to add stylish, modern, and durable railing to any space, indoors and out! Every panel is protected by FortressSheild coating to ensure these rails stay sturdy and beautiful for years to come!


PFX 1000 by Rail FX

The most advanced aluminum deck railing solution in the world is at The Deck Supply! This all-in-one kit is a great option for quick installation and lasting reliability. The PFX1000 system includes everything you need to get a grip anywhere on your deck anytime you need it! RailFX provides reliable construction and stands by their product with a limited lifetime warranty. The Deck Supply is the Midwest’s source for the best deals and support on this revolutionary rail system.


DekPro™ Invisicable Kit for Wood

For truly modern looks and functionality, our dexperts recommend cable railing systems! The DekPro Invisicable kit gives everyone access to the most advanced stainless steel cable railing system on the market. The Deck Supply also carries all the tools and accessories you’ll need to get the job done right!


With a solid structure, durable deck boards, and the right railing all picked out, we’ll discuss potential accessories to complete your dream deck’s design. The Deck Supply has the best deck materials and accessories to light up the night, open up screened-in porches, and keep everything clean! Click to explore our favorite ways to level up your life outdoors.


The Best Deck Material Supplier

It takes a lot to be the best deck material supplier in the Midwest! That’s why The Deck Supply specializes solely in decking solutions. We focus on delivering quality solutions and the highest level of customer support possible. This combination is what makes us an ideal source for contractors and DIYers across the nation.

Quality Products

Every product you just read about has been thoroughly tested by our dexperts, and trusted by industry pros every day. From deck boards and railing to screws and structural components, we stand behind every product on our shelves and so do our brands. With industry-leading warranties and advanced tech for every deck, we’re proud to help every customer build the next generation of outdoor decks! Find the best deck materials for your project in just a few clicks.

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We understand not everyone knows the intricacies of professional grade deck building. That’s why we offer one-on-one support and manufacturer resources for every solution we sell! From exploring your options to getting help with your project, call on our dexperts to experience the quality of service that makes The Deck Supply a household name across the nation!

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