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Composite Decking in Wichita

5 Things You Should Know Before You Install Composite Decking

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July 3, 2023

Building any deck is no small task. But when it comes to the boards that meet your feet, you need to take the time to consider all the details. At The Deck Supply, when we recommend composite decking in Wichita—or any of our showrooms—we keep your best interests and budget in mind as we find the boards that are right for you. To make it easy, we’re counting down the 5 things you should know about composite decking.

5. What is Composite Decking

Instead of traditional planking derived from a single source of wood, composite decking is comprised of wood fibers bonded together and coated with a layer of PVC and UV protection. That means there are no warping, splinters, or cutting to worry about for the life of your deck!

4. The Cost of Quality

Take it from our pros” Quality is always worth the investment. That’s why The Deck Supply only carries the highest quality products for every aspect of your deck. When it comes to your composite decking in Wichita, you can rest easy knowing that your decking can stand up to the harshest conditions while keeping your total costs in check.

3. How to Maintain it

Without worrying about warping and weathering wood, maintaining your deck has never been easier! The only thing you’ll have to do for maintenance is keep your deck clean. For all of our customers who have composite decking in Wichita, our best option is an in-house exclusive!

The Composite Deck Cleaner

The Deck Supply is proud to introduce The Deck Cleaner! Specially formulated for composite and PVC decking, this is the best cleaner we carry to keep your deck clean, and your space safe from harmful chemicals. Our unique formula allows for deep cleaning, safe handling and even a great smell!

2. Brands We Recommend

Our list isn’t complete without the brands we trust in our own homes. Trex Transcend includes heat-mitigating technology that makes it Trex’s coolest decking to date. Timbertech Pro is another option we love because it can give your deck the look of exotic woods like ipe mahogany and teak without any rigorous maintenance.

1. Find a supplier you can trust.

The most important part of any project is finding an expert you can trust. Our team has been helping homeowners build their dream decks for decades. We specialize in composite decking in Wichita because decking is all we do. We love to talk with all of our customers, whether it’s designing a project, or just helping them maintain it.

Stop into any one of our showrooms, or browse our online shop. We’re happy to help make your dream a reality so feel free to use all of our resources or contact us with questions!