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Framing a Deck

From Design to Done: Framing a Deck

Fasteners and Connectors

February 15, 2024

PWT Treated LVL Frame

At The Deck Supply, our dexperts are always happy to show customers the ropes when building their ideal deck. Every day we walk customers through their project from initial design to accessories and upkeep by asking a few questions and making recommendations.

To learn how to take your dream deck from design to done, read this helpful guide. If you can’t wait to get started, reach out to our experts.

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Discussing Your Design

To design the frame of your deck, we’ll start by answering a few basic questions.

  • Where will your deck be?

  • How big do you want to go?

  • What’s your budget?

These three questions help us determine the scope of your project. To build your unique design, we’ll need to dig deeper to suggest the right supplies. Here’s what our dexperts consider as your design starts to take shape.

Is there currently a deck in place?

If this is a new build, your budget and imagination are your only limit (other than your property line). To build your frame from scratch, you’ll need a lot more than some quickcrete and lumber. Our dexperts can help you find the right connectors, hardware, and more.

Is the current deck just needing a refresh?

To make your existing deck last longer and look better, it may just need some updated materials. This is one of the most common ways DIYers discover The Deck Supply. With professional-grade products and personalized advice, we make taking your deck to the next level easy.

Is the current deck going to be completely redesigned?

If you’re looking for more than a refresh, our dexperts love a challenge. When redesigning your deck, we’ll discuss the environment you’ll be building in and any existing structures. These will help us understand how to keep your design functional without having to make drastic changes to anything but your deck.

Yellawood Treated Wood Frame

Building Your Deck

So what does your deck project look like? While our dexperts love to see a high-quality deck come to life, building your deck is completely up to you or a trusted contractor. Here are a few brief overviews of what you can expect while building your deck frame.

From the Ground Up

When building a new deck from scratch, paying close attention to the framing of your deck pays off in the long run. For brand-new decks, we recommend investing in hardware and high-quality lumber.


Start by stringing and plotting out the desired layout of your deck. While this is a very simple first step, taking your design from concept to reality starts by triple-checking your measurements. As you lay out your deck, you may have to change some things about your design. If this causes some changes to your supplies, make sure to update your order.

Posting up

After building your deck footings, you’ll need to attach a post base. We recommend at least a 1” standoff to help your posts stay sturdy for years to come. The metal post bases we recommend are from the Simpson ZMAX line. See your options below!

Simpson ZMAX® ABA Adjustable Post Base

See In Store

Simpson ZMAX® ABU Adjustable Post Bases with Uplift

Add to Cart

Hangin Out

With your posts set, it’s time to get hanging! For starters, hang your beams on post cap connectors designed to withstand the elements. Simpson ZMAX post cap connectors come in different sizes and styles to suit any deck design. Use the recommended connector screws to fasten beams to the post, then your frame can begin to really take shape!

Simpson ZMAX Post Cap Connectors
SIMPSON BC Post to Beam Cap Connector

Secure Your Beams

Find Your Cap

One of the most labor-intensive steps of framing a deck is the last part. Getting the frame square and properly fastening your joists is something you can’t afford to rush.

While diagonal and herringbone deck designs are very cool, they can take a lot of planning and technical execution. Careful consideration always needs to be given to where deck boards begin and end for a clean, professional look. We recommend talking to our dexperts to plan your design thoroughly.

Refresh and Restore

If you’re looking to bring your existing deck into the 21st century, we recommend making upgrades that will last. Sure, changing a few boards out and slapping some paint or stain on can look good. But to feel the difference in your deck, our dexperts recommend looking below the surface.


Go below deck, or work with a trusted contractor to inspect the underside of your deck. When under there, take a good look at the hardware holding your deck together. Failing fasteners may be the real culprit if you’re seeing warping, wood, or uneven framework.

Unseen Upgrades

Don’t be fooled by home renovation shows, you don’t always have to tear it all down to build something better. To replace the hardware on your deck, we recommend going board by board and taking your time. By building stronger connections you can give a sagging, tired deck a new lease on life without draining your savings! Here are a few upgrades we recommend.

16-Gauge ZMAX® Galvanized Reinforcing L Angle

Square Things Up

Simpson ZMAX® Galvanized Deck Tension Ties

Lighten Your Ledger’s Load

LSC 18-Gauge ZMAX® Galvanized Adjustable Stringer Connector

Build Stronger Stairs

Decks Well Done

The quality of your deck depends on the materials you trust to build it. Contractors and hardcore DIYers alike trust The Deck Supply to provide everything they need to get the job done right. In addition to high-quality connectors, we also carry flashing and all the fasteners you’ll need. To dig deeper into framing up your deck, check out our guide to framing connectors.

Your Guide to Framing Connectors

Get Supplied

Whether you’re building a new deck, or just bringing it into the 21st century, The Deck Supply is happy to help.

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Get the materials, resources, and advice you need to build a better deck in-store or online! Our resource center is a great reference for learning about your project from industry-leading manufacturers. To talk one on one about your project, contact our dexperts, or stop into one of our showrooms!

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