Camo Structural Flat Head Ledger Screw 5/16″ Shank


Camo 5/16″ Flat Head Ledger Screw are ideal for attaching ledger boards to a structure, or laminating beams for intermediate and cantilever support.

CAMO Structural screws are engineered to start fast, drive easy, and finish flush so you can get the job done and get on your way.

These screws hold strong and finish flush in a variety of applications. They can also be used as a replacement for ½” lag screws in general construction projects.


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  • 5/16 in. (7.9mm) structural screws for fastening ledger boards, multi-ply sawn and structural composite lumber beams, and other interior and exterior construction projects
  • Replaces ½ in. lag screws in general construction projects
  • Sharp point starts fast with no predrilling
  • Slashes reduce splitting
  • Large flat head maximizes pull-through holding power and finishes flush with work area
  • Certified IRC / IBC code-compliant
  • State of Florida FL 41741
  • T-40 star drive reduces cam outs and excessive wear on bit
  • Coated with our proprietary PROTECH Ultra 4 coating system, which features four layers that combine to provide the ultimate corrosion protection
  • T-40 bit included in every package