Diamond Piers Deck Foundations


Experience the future of building with Diamond Piers, the revolutionary foundation system designed to simplify your construction projects while providing unparalleled strength and stability.

Diamond Pier foundation uses the strength of a precast concrete head to lock in four weight-bearing, galvanized steel pins that transfer the load to a larger area of undisturbed soil than the traditional concrete footing.

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*Requires Diamond Pier Driving Bit for installation.

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Whether you’re working on a residential deck, a commercial boardwalk, or any structure requiring a robust foundation, Diamond Piers deliver unmatched performance and convenience.

Functioning like tree roots, this spread pile technology is fast, smart, low-impact, and sturdy. The pins can take only minutes to drive in, saving you days of labor, and there is no waiting around for a hole inspection, as the pin length is inspected by simply running a tape measure down the pin after installation.

The Diamond Pier Driving Bit is required for installation.


Diamond Pier foundations perform well in expansive soils. The uplift resistance of the system effectively resists frost heave pressures often found in the northern portion of the United States, and movement in expansive soils often found in the southwestern portion of the United States. The Diamond Pier foundation is used in areas requiring frost protection and is approved the ICC-ES for use in all weathering zones.


DP-50 –

  • 20″ Wide x 48″ Deep Concrete Pier Equivalent  Load
  • Block Weight 54 lbs
  • Pins 50″ x 1″ Galvanized Poles
  • 10.5″ Square x 13″ Tall
  • 1/2″ Galvanized Bolt ~ 1″ Above Concrete – Code Approved


  • 22″ Wide by 60″ Deep Concrete Pier Equivalent
  • Block Weight 74 lbs
  • Pins 63″ x 1″ Galvanized Poles
  • 11.5″ Square x 13″ Tall
  • 5/8″ Galvanized Bolt ~ 1″ Above Concrete – Code Approved

Included with each Diamond Pier

  • (4) Poly Cones For Easy Pin Driving
  • (4) Poly Caps For Concealing Pins At Block
  • Superior Strength and Stability
  • Easy Installation
  • No Digging Required
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Versatile Applications
  • Long-Lasting Performance