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Best Composite Decking in Kansas City

Finding the Best Composite Decking in Kansas City

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April 3, 2024

Those subtle upgrades to your home can make a huge impact That’s why The Deck Supply has gone all in on the best composite decking in Kansas City! Our dexperts trust the best brands in the industry to take communities nationwide to the next level. So, what’s holding you up? Learn everything you should know about composite deck boards, hardware, and so much more.


Where You’ll Find Our Favorites

What’s the Big Deal?

Our Recommendations

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Where You Can Find Composite Decking

This isn’t some industry secret, but if you’ve looked around your local lumberyard lately, it might as well be! Composite decking has flown under the radar in big-box stores because the recurring cost of materials is less year-over-year than wood. But that doesn’t stop discerning DIYers and contractors from getting the best materials. Here’s where you can find composite decking around Kansas City:

Front Porches

With all the new construction heating up on both sides of the river, one huge trend is taking off in the hottest neighborhoods. Front porches are making a comeback, and deck floors are on display in every design. High-traffic areas like a front porch demand durable materials. That’s why our dexperts recommend composite decking on your home’s front and back.

Backyard Decks

Ask any true Midwesterner—building a deck is a rite of passage for any homeowner who likes to get their hands dirty. Building a deck may be more expensive than when your dad did it, but he didn’t have the materials you do! These innovative materials build decks that will last for generations. But there’s more than just composite decking in Kansas City.

Off the Wall Walls

As you cruise through some of KC’s most exclusive neighborhoods, you’ll find some of the freshest homes. Big windows and high ceilings typically foot the bill for a good home, but one thing takes the exterior of modern homes from good to great.

a close up of composite decking in kansas city

Composite cladding offers an ultra-durable alternative to fence planks and siding. Some of these solutions are even backed by a half-century warranty! Entryways, fences, and walls can all benefit from using the same materials as the composite decking you’ll find in our Kansas City showroom.

Our Showroom

If you’re looking for the best brands in the industry, you can’t just go anywhere. The reason big-box stores love wood decks is that you’ll inevitably be back to replace wood and restain. The Deck Supply believes in providing the best solutions possible for professionals and homeowners alike. That’s why we make composite decking accessible to everyone!

The Big Deal About Composite Decking

At The Deck Supply, composite decking in Kansas City is a big deal. Our industry ties and deckades of building and designing experience help every customer get exactly what they need. Here’s why composite decking is such a big deal for our customers:

Environmentally Friendly

What do you do with your deck boards when they warp, splinter, or break? If you recycle them, there’s a good chance they’ll end up back on a deck! Composite decking is comprised of a wood pulp bonded by advanced polymers and PVC. In addition to being ultra-durable, this construction can also contain up to 95% recycled materials.

Lasting Quality

You can’t stain a composite deck, but with its beautiful, durable construction, you won’t want to. The PVC and bonding agents used in composite materials contain UV protection as well. This minimizes fading to keep your deck looking fresh for years to come. Some of our favorite brands even include a lifetime warranty!

an outdoor patio with a beautiful deck

Low Maintenance

Here in the Midwest, we build houses to suit all four seasons. 100-degree days in the summer and -20 wind chills in the winter can wreak havoc on wood decks. Wood planks contract and expand with the temperature, but composite decking in Kansas City stays consistent year-round. Reliable, durable materials are key to keeping maintenance low on any part of your home. So, give your back and your wallet a rest with just one or two regular cleanings a year!

Investing in Improvement

When doing any home improvements, are you a fast and easy kind of person? Or a thorough and final kind of person? The best composite decking in Kansas City homes caters to both. While the initial costs are typically slightly higher than treated wood, deck boards and cladding are always worth the investment. This is how we help customers understand their investment at The Deck Supply.

Upfront Costs

While we offer the best prices possible for the best composite decking in Kansas City, the initial investment will likely be higher than wood deck boards. Over time, your savings will catch up, but a little sticker shock up front is totally understandable. Here’s how you can maximize your investment:


On average, composite boards tend to be about 10 to 25% more expensive than wood. That’s why finding the boards that fit your budget is so important. Our most affordable boards start at a little under $3 a linear foot! While composite decking can be expensive, we strive to keep the best composite decking in Kansas City accessible to budgets and projects of all shapes and sizes.


As you decide on the right boards for your home, we’ll also discuss the hardware you’ll need to get the job done right. These aren’t just any old screws and clips—composite decks demand specialty hardware due to the nature of the material.

four screws in different colors for composite decks

Each screw is carefully designed to prevent mushrooming that can happen while drilling. Having the right materials and hardware can save you thousands of dollars and hours of labor down the road.

Years of Savings

Once you invest in your deck, your savings will add up year over year. estimates the yearly maintenance cost of a wood deck is over 5 times the cost of a composite deck! This saves homeowners thousands of dollars while staying beautiful and functional for decades longer than wood options.

Our Recommendations

The Deck Supply is here to be a top resource for homeowners and seasoned professionals alike. That’s what makes us one of the most trusted sources for the best composite decking in Kansas City! We consider every feature to meet every need for every project. Here’s a look at the brands we recommend:


One of the oldest names in composite decking is at The Deck Supply. Trex pioneered composite deck boards back in the early 1990s. Since then, composite decks have come a long way, and so has Trex.

a large composite deck in kansas city with patio furniture


Their options are now made of 95% recycled materials and have features homeowners only dreamed about in the 90s! Both composite and PVC-capped options offer Trex’s high-performance shell for unmatched durability and discoloration resistance. Additionally, boards can be ordered with pre-formed grooves for the smoothest installation possible. See how Trex makes quality composite decking more accessible than ever.

Shop Trex 


If features are what you’re looking for, you’ve found your ideal composite decking in Kansas City! TimberTech is trusted by nationally recognized homebuilders and local DIY heroes alike. Their composites are even future-friendly, with over 85% recycled materials in every board.

Shop TimberTech Composite

a close up of composite decking in kansas city


With many color options and textures, these boards come to life. On PVC-capped options, the unmistakable real wood look and feel is a detail that’s hard not to notice! Whether you’re married to real estate or just looking to innovate your outdoor living, TimberTech is a top choice.

Shop Timbertech AZEK


A commitment to safety, sustainability, and innovation goes into every Fiberon product we’re proud to carry. Fiberon is driven to offer the best product for every customer while saving the planet. Their emphasis on keeping both people and the planet happy is apparent in every single product.

Shop Fiberon

a composite deck with patio seating


Fiberon’s unique manufacturing process boasts a 98.5% recovery rate. This prevents over 70,000 tons of plastic and wood from reaching landfills every year! To keep customers just as happy as the planet, Fiberon has the industry’s first 25-year warranty for staining and fading. Learn more about this great brand in our brand profile, or browse all of their great products.

Brand Profile: Fiberon


This brand takes decking to a new level with some of the most advanced deck boards in our showroom. Deckorator’s Surestone Technology ensures sure footing, lasting quality, and more with these key benefits found in every board:

  • Ground/water-friendly
  • 50-year structural warranty
  • 35% lighter than traditional composites
  • Comprised of 95% recycled materials
a large, brown composite deck in kansas city


These benefits are why you’ll find Deckorators products here at The Deck Supply. So, what will you do with the most advanced materials? Shop all of our favorite solutions from Deckorators!

Shop Deckorators

Don’t Forget!

You’ll never have to worry about going back and forth from our showroom to your home. Our dexperts ensure that every customer gets everything they need to enjoy their composite decking in Kansas City for years to come. Our in-house cleaner is designed to streamline the only maintenance you’ll have to do on your composite deck.

The Deck Cleaner

We found that there are many home solutions for composite deck cleaners, but very few are designed by seasoned experts. We designed The Deck Cleaner with natural, plant-based, and safe ingredients to keep your investment looking just as good as it is for the environment. There are many ways to build your deck, but there’s only one source for expertise and proven products.

Keep It Clean

Bottles of deck cleaner sitting on composite decking

Kansas City’s Composite Dexperts

The Deck Supply is proud to provide contractors and hardcore DIYers with the most advanced deck-building solutions available. To start building your future, browse our composite decking options in Kansas City or a showroom near you! Contact us with any questions, or request a quote to talk about your project.

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