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Deck Rail Post Caps

Deck rail post caps are individual pieces fastened to the top of your deck posts. They protect the end of the post from wear and tear. Over time, the exposed end of your posts can weather from rain, snow, winds, and other elements. Closed caps or post caps protect the posts from the weather, and also from insects and other damage.

Many post caps are decorative, making them an easy way to enhance the aesthetic of your deck. At The Deck Supply, we offer a wide selection of options! No matter your preference, choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes! Your deck post caps can be custom to your style.

Deck post caps are made from a variety of materials like wood, vinyl, plastic, composite, and more. Instead, you may opt to match your post caps to the material of your deck and posts, or you might make a more stylized choice. Some post caps even have built-in lighting to brighten up your deck! Now you can spend your time enjoying your space even after the sun goes down.

Installing your deck post caps

Whether you’re looking for help from a professional or ready to DIY, The Deck Supply has the resources you need to get the job done.

We ship all of our premium quality deck materials directly to your home for convenience and easy installation.

Our expert installation team can also add deck lighting. Under lighting is a simple way to elevate your space and give it a more luxurious feel.

If you feel ready to tackle deck post caps installation on your own, check out our resource center for installation guides, how-to videos, and tools to set your project up for success.