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Exterior Composite Cladding

Enhance your exterior residential spaces with top-quality exterior composite products used as cladding. Durable, weather-resistant, and visually stunning, cladding ensures long-lasting protection and a sophisticated aesthetic. Engineered for high performance, it withstands the elements, requires minimal maintenance, and offers a versatile solution for commercial exteriors. Elevate your building’s appeal with our premium offerings.

Best Selections from Leading Brands

When the time comes to make a decision on which product to use for your exterior composite cladding products, look no further. Our product selections represent 20 years in the building materials industry, selling primarily composite decking. We have working relationships with most major manufacturers, and we can source everything you need from any vendor. Because of our established relationships with these vendors, we can help you fit the cost of material into your budget.

Installing Your Own Deck Cladding

Whether you’re looking for help from a professional or ready to DIY, The Deck Supply has the resources you need to get the job done.

We ship all of our premium quality deck materials directly to your home for convenience and easy installation.

If you’re ready to tackle the project on your own, check out our resource center for installation guides, how-to videos, and tools to set your project up for success.

Exterior Composite Cladding for Commercial Use

Elevate your commercial project with premium cladding materials from The Cladding Supply. Discover a vast selection of high-quality options to enhance aesthetics and durability. Our expert team ensures a seamless buying experience, delivering top-notch cladding solutions tailored to your project needs. Elevate your exterior with The Cladding Supply today.

Retail, Restaurant, and General Commercial Use

We stock, and have access to inventory for almost all products specified in architectural drawings. Composite cladding is a popular choice for developers, touting almost no maintenance, and warranties that cover fading and staining for decades. We ship nationwide, and if the product is on the ground, we can get it to you fast.

What is deck cladding?

Many people also choose to deck cladding to help them achieve a certain look or aesthetic feel.

Cladding refers to any material used to indirectly cover the exterior of a structure in order to provide additional protection and varied aesthetics. When it comes to decks, cladding is used to cover your deck boards, joists, and support posts. This protects the deck material from wear and tear and give it a more polished look.

Just like decking, cladding can be made from many different types of materials. Some cladding is even made from the same material as composite decking. Composite is a blend of plastics and wood fibers to create a durable, synthetic material that is more resistant to damage and wear from weather.

Most prefer composite cladding over wood cladding because it maintains its shape, color, and texture better over time than other materials like wood. Wood decking and cladding give a more natural look and feel, but require more maintenance like cleaning, sanding, and re-staining every few years.

So why should you clad your deck? Deck cladding provides resistance to outdoor elements like rain, snow, and sunlight that can warp and damage your deck. It can also insulate the decking material and structure against extreme temperature fluctuations and fierce winds. All of these factors help reduce the amount of maintenance your deck needs.