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Furring Strips for Open Joint Cladding

When installing composite cladding with open joints, it’s important to consider all of the components that keep your building dry. Our selection of furring strips are used to keep a gap between the structure and the cladding. This ensures that any moisture that does penetrate these joints has  the ability to drain, and that the gaps created aid air flow to evaporate any moisture that does collect.

UV Stable Materials

Because natural light can penetrate the gaps in an open joint cladding design, it’s important to select materials that are going to stand the test of time, and the elements. We offer furring strip options that are guaranteed to remain stable, and are treated so the furring components do not discolor, or break down over time.

Installation Tips for  Batten with Open Joint Cladding

Using furring strips or batten to gap material on an open joint cladding install is a great way to hide cap fasteners when installing a rainscreen system. Our selection of furring and batten strips can be installed horizontally or vertically. These designs are more accommodating for any open joint siding direction that suits your design aesthitic.

Calculating Furring Strips and Batten for My Job

As a general rule, one linear foot of furring strips is needed for one square foot of cladding or siding. Battens generally come in lengths of eight feet. Generally furring is 1-1/2″ to 3″ wide. We are stocking black battens, so they blend in with the dark colored wraps used to for the building envelope. This aids with blending with shadows created in the open gaps between composite cladding boards.