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Best Wood Deck Screws

Tested, Trusted: Our Top 3 Wood Deck Screws

Fasteners and Connectors

August 22, 2023

All of our products at The Deck Supply come tested by the brands we trust. But sometimes, we just can’t help it; we love putting our products to the test! Call us perfectionists, pros, or just plain nerds, but we’re passionate about doing decking right. 

We recently put some of our wood deck screws to the test, and we found a lot to like! Here are the top 3 options we offer.


CAMO DRIVE 3″ Collated Face Screws


We begin our testing with one of our most recommended screws for DIYers and dedicated professionals. We tested them on freshly treated wood. The unique DRIVE system allows for easy, efficient installation in both, with minimal required tightening as the freshly treated (green) deck boards dry. This is one of our favorite options for a professional look with minimal effort.


CAMO Trim Head Screw 1-5/8 Stainless Steel Color Match


We didn’t have to test these trim screws, but boy are we glad we did! These aren’t just wood deck screws, so we had some fun. We decided to focus on the overall finish these screws have, so we tested the dark brown, cedar, and white colors. These trim screws all blend well into our available trims and provide the sturdy hold that CAMO is known for. We highly recommend these for facias, light trim, and fencing.


CAMO Wood Epoxy Coated Screws


We couldn’t wait to try these because while they look like the old, reliable wood deck screws your dad used, CAMO improved the tried-and-true design. The threads cover all but 1” of the shank with a unique auger tip and bugle head. This keeps the board pulled down tight and evenly compresses the top of the board for a smooth finish. We’re proud to recommend these wood deck screws for our hardcore DIYers to get a huge bang for your buck.

Tools You’ll Need

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your tools. At The Deck Supply, we carry everything that everyone needs for a professional-quality deck. Here are the tools of the trade we recommend.

Additional Bits


Every specialized screw we sell includes the correct bit to get everything connected. However, does your toolbox have every bit that it originally came with? If so, we’re impressed.

As the old contractor proverb goes; “you never know what you don’t have until you need it.” So, save yourself a headache and grab an extra DRIVE bit or two.



If you’re one of those hardcore DIYers who like to do everything solo, CAMO has your back. With the CAMO LEVER Tool, you can lock in boards and clips in one fluid turn. It also helps straighten warped boards! For speedy, solo installations, there is no substitute. 

Don’t Get Screwed!

The products we trust are used on decks all over the country. So, whether you’re building your first deck or your fifth deck this month, trust The Deck Supply for tested, proven products for pros and DIYers alike. Check out our other favorites and options for composite decks. Then get started by browsing our online shop, or talk to our pros in one of our showrooms!