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Composite Deck Fastener

The Latest Tech for Your Deck – Composite Deck Fastener

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August 3, 2023

Composite decking is one of the best investments you can make in your modern deck. But if you think that these boards can be held together the way your granddad did it, think again. 

At The Deck Supply, we carry the best composite decking, and the best connections to keep it all rock solid. Take a quick look at our composite deck fastener options and find out why they matter.

A new kind of Fastener

Composite decking is a relatively new option for decking, so the fasteners we recommend are still something you don’t see every day. 

As you look at a composite deck fastener, the first thing you’ll notice is the reverse thread at the top of the shank. This is to remedy a “mushrooming” effect commonly seen when driving in fasteners. But that’s not the only thing that makes these screws entirely unique:


In addition to the reverse thread pattern near the head, you’ll also notice a smaller head and a different self-tapping tip. 

The smaller head allows for easy cap installation and minimizes the surface area you need to secure your boards. The self-tapping tip is engineered specifically for composite materials, making composite deck fasteners drive through easier and more efficiently when introduced to dense boards.


At The Deck Supply, we carry varying colors, grain patterns, and finishes of composite decking to suit every home’s style. Every board profile will influence the composite decking fasteners we’ll recommend for your project. We offer color-matched screw heads and hidden fastener systems to give customers flexibility for the look they want.


To put it all together, you need to keep in mind what you’ll be doing on your deck. Will it be providing a nice place to kick back on the weekends? Or will it be handling a full bar and grill? Both have very different demands, so it’s important to consider the composite deck fastener you need to meet them.

Why choose composite decking?

So why do the pros at The Deck Supply love composite decking? With composite, you can forget about splinters and the back-breaking maintenance that comes with treated wood. 

Our composite decking is a different breed than anything used in decades prior, which is why our composite deck fasteners are on the cutting edge of modern screws.


Composite decking is made up of fine wood fibers bonded tightly together with a PVC coating. This prevents warping and ensures that the color of your deck stays true for years in any conditions. 

In addition to higher quality materials and lower costs, our trusted brands all carry a factory warranty. Unlike treated wood, we can replace or repair every board with little to no additional cost necessary. 


Composite decking may look more expensive at first. However, as you factor in the labor, materials, and replacements required to maintain treated wood decks, you’ll quickly see that the total cost is worth every penny. 

Our options for composite deck fasteners can be customized to make initial installation costs even lower. So as we weigh the pros and cons of composite decking, we find that it actually saves customers even more money in the long run

Talk to the pros

Sure, you can keep dreaming about your options. But when you’re ready to bring your dream deck to life, shop online, give us a call, or stop into one of our showrooms! Our pros are excited to help get your deck done right.