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Composite Decking in St. Joseph

The Perfect Blend of Exterior Deck Railing and Composite Decking in St. Joseph

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February 2, 2024

Fiberon Composite Decking St Jo St Joseph

Selections from Fiberon, TimberTech, Deckorators and Trex Composite Decking

In St Joseph, we want to help you create an outdoor oasis with exterior deck railing and composite decking!

Elegant Options for For Your Hometown Backyard Retreat

In St. Joseph, where community and nature intertwine, creating an outdoor haven at home is a top priority for residents. One key element in achieving this is through the combination of high-quality exterior deck railing and composite decking. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of these two essential components. So, let’s delve into the options available at The Deck Supply to elevate your outdoor living experience.

The Allure of Composite Decking

Composite decking has revolutionized the way we view outdoor spaces. Composed of a blend of recycled wood fibers and durable synthetic materials, composite decking offers a low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood decks. St. Joseph residents can rejoice in its resistance to rot, splintering, and fading, ensuring a long-lasting investment in their outdoor retreat.

The Deck Supply Advantage: The Deck Supply stands out as a trusted provider of premium decking materials in St. Joseph, offering a diverse range of composite decking options. With a commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, we are working to show you that homeowners can find the perfect composite decking solution to suit your individual preferences.

Options Galore – Featuring Fiberon, Deckorators, Timbertech and TREX Decking

Composite Decking Variety: The Deck Supply offers an array of composite decking options, allowing St. Joseph residents to customize their outdoor spaces with style and functionality. Whether you prefer the natural look of wood or a more contemporary design, their selection caters to every taste.

Trex Composite Decking St Joseph
  1. Classic Wood Grain:

    For those who appreciate the timeless beauty of wood, ‘The Deck Supply’ is offering composite decking styles with a classic wood grain finish. In showing you these options, we’re  combining the charm of traditional decks with the modern advantages of composite materials. Because we specialize in decks, we’re stocking lots of options, offering you the best of both worlds. Whether you are looking for Trex decking, Fiberon Composites, Timbertech, or Deckorators – we stock them all!

  2. Sleek Contemporary Designs:

    n order to achieve a more modern aesthetic, we’re suggesting composite decking with sleek, contemporary designs. These options boast clean lines and a sophisticated appeal. These designs are great options when adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space while maintaining the benefits of low maintenance.

The Importance of Exterior Deck Railing

While composite decking lays the foundation for a stunning outdoor area, the right exterior deck railing is the finishing touch that enhances safety, aesthetics, and functionality. We’re in the business of helping St. Joseph residents enjoy their scenic views! Knowing that your project is not only beautiful but also secure is the key to designing a great deck.

Exterior Deck Railing – Customizable Options:

The Deck Supply’ doesn’t just stop at decking materials; they also offer a variety of customizable exterior deck railing options. From classic designs to more contemporary styles, homeowners can find the perfect railing to complement their chosen composite decking.

  1. Traditional Wood-Look Railing:

    If you prefer a classic and warm appearance, opt for exterior deck railing that mimics the look of wood. The Deck Supply provides railing options that blend seamlessly with their composite decking, creating a cohesive and inviting outdoor space. Admittedly, choosing a wood rail system will require much more maintenance over time. However, we know some prefer this style, so we offer balusters and connectors for these projects.

  2. Modern Metal Railings:

    For a sleek and modern touch, consider metal railings that add an element of sophistication to your deck. Whether it’s aluminum or stainless steel, these durable materials offer both strength and a contemporary aesthetic.

In addition, we have a new lineup of Aluminum Railing in our showrooms and warehouse for 2024 – PFX1000 by RailFX! Without a doubt, this is best value for deck railing available in the Midwest!

Exterior Deck Rail at The Deck Supply

Your Local Source for Aluminum Rail and Composite Decking

In St. Joseph, we know the outdoors plays a significant role in daily life. So, know that investing in high-quality exterior deck railing and composite decking from ‘The Deck Supply’ is a decision that pays off in comfort, style, and longevity. Elevate your outdoor living experience and create lasting memories with a deck that reflects your unique taste and stands the test of time.

For more information, visit our St Joseph Showroom, where you can walk on full size deck displays. While you may not be ready for your deck, know we’ll deliver when you’re ready! We’re in your neighborhood several days a week – so see the list of cities that qualify for driveway and backyard delivery!

The Deck Supply - St Joseph Exterior Deck Rail and Composite Decking

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