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Deck Fasteners

Your Guide to Deck Fasteners

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August 3, 2023

As you walk through your local hardware store, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by how many different ways you can join two pieces of lumber together! Before you pull just any box of screws off the shelf, talk to the experts at The Deck Supply. Since decks are all we do, you can be sure we have the right deck fasteners for any project you can dream up!

Not all screws are created equal.

Looking at the giant wall in your local hardware store, you’ll probably be tempted just to grab the biggest, longest screws possible and call it a day. 

However, there are so many intricacies that you might not think of. What material is the screw made of? Do you need a connector? What the heck is a hidden fastener anyway?  These are common questions we answer for every contractor and DIYer alike when choosing their deck fasteners in our showroom. 

So let’s start with the basics.

Types of fasteners

Leave the nails to your shingles. We recommend a variety of deck fasteners to ensure your deck is as solid as the rest of your home. 

For modern decking, there are a few ways to go about your overall look. That’s why The Deck Supply only carries the best products to get your deck done right. Here are the options we recommend as we decide on the best deck fastener for you.


It’s simple, materials matter. A popular choice for many DIY decks is plain stainless steel screws. They may provide the corrosion resistance you’re looking for, but they are softer and less reliable than other options. Our variety of screws go beyond the thread for you to select exactly the right alloy, drive, and coating for your project.

When it comes to the type of drive you want in your deck fasteners, Philips and flatheads have gone the way of the Dodo. We recommend either square drive or star drive. Square (Roberts) drive provides better bit contact over Philips. Which makes it easier to drive and less susceptible to stripping from an impact driver.

Composite Screws

Most people know the intricacies of wood, but composite decking is a completely different ball game. New materials require new ways of working with them, which is why our composite decking customers get a different type of screw with a very unique design.

Cortex Trex Installation

When it comes to composite decking fasteners, a unique problem can occur when a screw pulls the materials together. As you drill a composite decking screw, it can pop the area around it, creating what we call “mushrooming.” To mitigate this, The Deck Supply carries unique screws with deeper self-starting tips and reverse threading to mitigate mushrooming and give a clean, professional finish.

Hidden Connectors

To give a clean, modern look to your deck, we recommend hidden fasteners. These can be used with composite, vinyl, cedar, ipe, or other exotic hardwood material. We offer hidden fasteners alongside our decking options to ensure you get the cleanest, most professional results your deck needs.

Our variety of options are designed to fit directly into your professionally installed boards. Depending on the type of wood you choose, our wood deck materials come in many different shades. Different materials may require different screws, but they all require specific tools like our Camo Clip Drive tool to make installation fast and easy.


We offer every contractor-grade solution to give our customers the toughest deck fasteners on the market. The ThruLOK system combines a through-bolted connection and a LOK fastener to give maximum strength and minimal installation time. We recommend it for multi-ply beams, deck posts, carrying beams, and more.

Fastenmaster ThruLok


The Deck Supply carries a whole lot more than just screws. So as you talk to a pro in our showroom, we’ll walk you through every aspect of your deck and our recommendations step-by-step. Every customer leaves our showroom with the connections they need and the service they deserve.

More than just screws

Your home isn’t just held together with screws. So why would your deck be? At The Deck Supply, we supply everything contractors and DIYers need for the highest quality deck possible. Here are a few more things you’ll need to keep your deck project rock solid.

Post Bases

Your posts are the foundation of your deck, so we carry the correct deck fasteners and post bases for any deck to stand firm. 

Our bases from Simpson Strong-Tie secure the bottom of posts or columns to concrete. We offer models for attaching to existing concrete, wet concrete, as well as wood, making these a versatile option for restorations and new

 builds alike. We also offer the gaskets, tools, and hole saws you may need to get the job done right.

Framing Connectors

At The Deck Supply, we also recommend reinforcing connectors on any major project. The durable design, fastening options, and varying angles make them an ideal option to ensure that your deck can withstand required loads and stay strong for years to come. 

All of our options have well-defined deck fastener locations and are backed by our careful curation of products by the brands we trust. If we wouldn’t put it on our house, we won’t let it go on yours.

Finding the right fasteners.

If you find yourself back at that wall of deck fasteners at your local hardware store, make your search easy and just follow these core concepts. 

We believe in making things easy at The Deck Supply, so here’s how our pros determine the best deck fasteners, as well as tools and accessories for you.


You’re going to need a lot of screws, and you’ll also need very specific kinds of screws to put it all together. To find the right deck fastener, think about what your deck will be doing. 

Will it be handling a one-ton pit-style barbeque grill? Or just providing a nice place to relax with the family after a long day? 

Both have very different demands, so it’s important to consider the connections you need to meet them.


The material of the deck and the material of your deck fastener matter. So make sure to choose wisely! 

If you’re wanting a composite deck, you can’t use the same screws you would use on a treated wood deck. You’ll want to look for the very specific reverse thread pattern, a slightly different shank, and a unique head designed specifically for composite materials. 


As you read earlier, deck fasteners are more than just screws. So the color of your caps and screws matter when putting your deck together. You can try to eyeball it with the nearest assistant you can find in that big box hardware store. Or you can work with one of our experts at The Deck Supply who will recommend the caps and clips you need according to your specific decking choice.

Talk to a Pro

The Deck Supply - Wichita

If you’re still standing in front of the giant wall of deck fasteners, walk away and talk over your project with us. There are so many factors that determine your options, so give us a call to go over any questions or visit one of our showrooms to talk about your project with a pro. You can also shop online for every option at The Deck Supply to get your deck done right.