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Deck Screws

Find Your Ideal Deck Screws

Fasteners and Connectors

August 21, 2023

At The Deck Supply, we only recommend industry-leading products trusted by pros and weekend warriors alike. When it comes to putting your dream deck together, the right deck screws are essential. Instead of wasting time in the hardware aisle, take a few minutes to learn about our tested, trusted options.

Our Top Recommendations

We thoroughly test all of our products to stand behind our recommendations. As we test deck screws, we also consider other factors such as cost, durability, and overall quality. These are our top recommendations for each category.


When on a tight budget, we typically recommend CAMO Wood Epoxy Coated Screws. These screws are only designed for wood decks. They come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so while they are easy on the wallet, these deck screws give customers peace of mind at a price they can afford.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise quality. These screws are designed to give you the high quality your deck deserves with simple, durable solutions built to fit many budgets. As you discuss your options with our pros, we’ll talk about more than just deck screws. We’ll discuss your desired size, use, and maintenance requirements with every component we include in your dream deck. 


Our toughest screws are built to withstand any conditions. The HULK Fasteners Metal Frame Deck Screws are corrosion-resistant and thoroughly tested by their labs and our pros. HULK screws use an advanced bit lock system to maximize torque transfer. This allows for easier installation and a sturdy, long-lasting connection. 

Many of the commercial professionals that trust The Deck Supply opt for these deck screws because they don’t have to second guess any installation. These fasteners just work. Pros typically choose these screws to hold together steel and wood frames and use a lighter duty option for deck boards and trim.

Overall Quality 

For both wood and uncapped composite materials, one screw stands above the rest. Our CAMO DRIVE 2-3/8″ Collated Edge Deck Screws are our top recommendation for many reasons. These screws combine easy installation and durability with star-pattern heads and available 316 grade steel construction. The DRIVE system saves time and your back by loading strands of screws for the perfect contact every time.


The CAMO DRIVE system is a revolution for contractors and hardcore DIYers alike. With the unique system for semi-automatic screw loading, alignment, and installation, every drive requires less effort making you more efficient. In addition to fast installation, CAMO also delivers quality service. This system comes with the CAMO guarantee. That’s a one-year tool warranty, that will replace the entire system with no fuss or frustration. Unless you like taking your time, we highly recommend this revolutionary tool.

Everything You Want

Getting what you want isn’t always easy, but it is when you talk to our team In our showroom, we carefully select every product to build your dream right the first time. For example, if you’re flipping a house and want to add value without going over budget, our treated wood decking is a great option. On the other hand, if you’re building your forever home and don’t want to compromise, our pros will recommend composite decking and hardware for the lasting quality you’ll see and feel every day.

Everything You’ll Need

To get the most out of your deck, you’ll need the right materials and tools to make it all happen. In our showroom, our decking pros will make sure you get everything you need in one trip. Decking is all we do. So, as we discuss your options for deck screws and other hardware, we’ll make sure to go over your options for deck screws and other aspects you may not have thought about. 

Whether they buy online or in our showroom, contractors, and DIYers trust the products backed by our decades of experience building quality decks.

Discussing Your Design

If you live around our neck of the woods, you know the Midwest is hard on decks. To forgo the extra installation of fasteners, we’ll select your deck screws based on the materials, size, and budget you have in mind. Here’s how each aspect translates to the deck screws we recommend.


The size of your deck will determine how many screws you’ll need. A 1,000-square-foot lake house deck will require a different amount of screws and labor than a backyard deck in the city. While this may seem pretty straightforward, ask yourself: How many times have you made another trip to the hardware store for more materials?


In the great debate between composite or wood decks, it all comes down to what you really want out of your investment. Wood decks are great for budget-minded homeowners who don’t mind doing maintenance from year to year. Composite decks, on the other hand, are best for higher budgets and lower maintenance. Keep in mind that the material you choose for your deck will also impact the type of deck screws you’ll be using as well.


Every decision you make for your home should factor in cost! Unless money is no object, your deck is no different. As we discuss your deck, we’ll talk about more than installation costs. Over time, your deck will need regular maintenance. 

A wood deck may cost less initially, but regular costs from staining, sealing, and replacing boards can add up over time. Composite decks are inherently more durable, so while they may cost more upfront, they often end up saving you money in the long run. No matter what option you choose, The Deck Supply has the best deck screws to put it all together.

Products We Trust

At The Deck Supply, we carry a lot more than just boards and deck screws. We are a one-stop shop for everything your deck needs. Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get decking done right. Here are some of our favorite products to get your inspiration flowing!

Fiberon Good Life – Escapes Collection Deck Boards

These composite deck boards make living the good life easier. The Escapes collection brings the luxury of exotic wood decks to every home without the high cost of regular maintenance. With 96% recycled composite materials, these boards are sustainable, beautiful, and affordable.


CAMO DRIVE 2-1/2″ Collated Face Screws for Composite Decking

The best composite decking requires the best composite deck screws to hold it together. CAMO continues to impress with thoughtful engineering for something as simple as deck screws. Not only are these screws expertly crafted with high-quality materials, they also come in 3 colors to match any deck. This particular screw is only for use with the CAMO EDGE drive system.

Camo Trim Head Screw 1-5/8 Stainless Steel Color Match

Don’t forget those trim screws! When we think of everything for your deck, we mean everything. CAMO trim head screws are great for more than just decks! They’re great for fascia and fencing as well. You can even color-match these deck screws with the most popular shades to achieve a truly professional look.

Tools of the Trade

To get the most professional-quality look possible, you’ll need quality tools. Whether you’re building your first deck or your fifth one this week, the right tools make every job go quicker. These are two tools our customers don’t leave our showroom without.

Deck Mate Board Spacing Tool

Unless you’re a surgeon with a Sharpie, you’ll want a spacing tool. This is an essential tool in any deck builder’s arsenal because it maintains spacing between boards while providing uniform holes for you to plot your points correctly every time. That means no more guesswork or replacing deck screws.

The Deck Cleaner

You use professional cleaners in your home. Then why would you use anything less on your deck? The Deck Supply is proud to share our secret deck cleaning formula with, The Deck Cleaner! It took us a while to come up with the name, but it only takes a few minutes to give your composite deck a professional quality clean without the professional cost. 

The Dexperts

It’s simple: The Deck Supply makes deck building and buying easy with seasoned experts and great products under one roof. Feel free to use all of our resources to learn more. When you’re ready to get started, shop online or talk to a pro in one of our showrooms!