PFX1000 By RailFX

Introducing the PFX1000

PFX1000 Aluminum Railing

Leading Our Industry

The most advanced aluminum railing comes to The Deck Supply directly from RailFX! When our dexperts and an industry leader like RailFX team up, our customers get one of the best deals on the market. Let’s get into why the PFX1000 aluminum railing kit is such a big deal!

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PFX1000 Aluminum Deck Railing

What's In the PFX1000?

The optional horizontal pivot feature allows each bracket to be pivoted from 0 to 45 degrees. With flexibility and reliability, these brackets can fit more deck designs than traditional aluminum railing kits!
When it gets cold outside, do your deck's balusters chatter? You could bring them inside to warm them up. Or you could just enjoy the quiet with the PFX1000’s unique baluster construction on their panels. Each baluster is installed under tension to eliminate loose balusters all year round.
Not all walkways are built the same. That’s why the RailFX PFX1000 aluminum rail includes all materials to build gates up to 47” wide and 42” tall! This also includes a locking gate latch, 2 self-closing hinges, and all the necessary fasteners. Just cut the desired width and height for you and install it in only a few easy steps!
PFX1000 Aluminum Deck Railing

RailFX & The Deck Supply

RailFX has been a trusted brand by our dexperts for years. So when they came to us with this bold new product, we knew we couldn’t pass it up! While the construction and quality of the PFX1000 are undeniable, our relationship with RailFX goes beyond their great products. 

RailFX and The Deck Supply are proud to offer an unbeatable deal on the RailFX PFX1000 aluminum rail. We’re passing the fruits of our partnership along to our customers with some of the lowest everyday prices in the US for the PFX1000! 

PFX1000 Aluminum Deck Railing

An Industry Leading Rebate

If that’s not enough to get your attention, RailFX also offers an exclusive manufacturer’s rebate. With the lowest pricing on the most advanced aluminum railing kit on the market, this is a deal you can’t afford to miss! 

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PFX1000 Aluminum Deck Railing

Our Lowest Pricing Possible

The Deck Supply is committed to providing the best value for contractors and homeowners. That’s why we partner with industry leaders like RailFX. With our exceptional partnership, we provide the RailFX PFX1000 aluminum rail just above wholesale prices!

There are no magic words or secret passwords required. The Deck Supply delivers the highest quality aluminum railing system at the lowest prices possible every day for everyone to add value to their home.

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RailFX and The Deck Supply are excited to offer an unbeatable deal on the PFX1000 aluminum railing kit. Learn more in-store or shop online!