CAMO Drive Collated Composite Screw Bundle


The ideal bundle if you are looking to speed up your project with less effort while installing composite or PVC decking material. Buy the screws and get the tool free – $169.50 value!*

Included is (1) Camo Drive Tool and (2) 1000ct 2-1/2″ color match CAMO DRIVE Collated Composite Screws for face fastening.

*Offer good 9/18/23 – 10/16/23

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Stand Up Drill for Decking, Edge, Clip & Face Fastening System
  • Faster Installation – Install decking up to 5X faster and all while standing up
  • Heavy Duty – The contractor grade tool is fast and reliable and has a one-year warranty
  • Attaches to a Drill – The cordless stand-up tool attaches to your drill

*Not for use with an Impact Driver


CAMO Drive 2-1/2″ Composite Deck Face Screws
  • For use in composite and PVC decking up to 1 in. (25.4mm) thick
  • Fast-starting slash point drives quickly and trilobular shank reduces mushrooming
  • T-20 Star Drive limits cam-outs and cutting lead edge creates a flush finish
  • Available in Brown, Tan, and Grey CAMO PROTECH™ carbon coating and Stainless Steel
  • 1000 ct. box covers 285 sq. ft. (26.48 M2)