PFX1000 Rail Connector Kit by RailFX®


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The PFX1000 Rail Bracket Kits by RailFX® are a part of a complete picket railing system, the PFX1000 provides a modern, graspable flat-top rail aesthetic that is virtually maintenance free and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Post Drilling Template available to make installation even easier to ensure brackets are installed at correct heights for rail connections.

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The textured powder coated paint provides an ideal aesthetic over other metal railing systems. Speed of assembly and the ease of stair angle accommodations make the PFX1000 the perfect railing system.

Available in a variety of lengths and heights for all workable residential, commercial or multi-family scenarios.



The Aluminum PFX1000 System is made of extruded aluminum that won’t rust and exceeds IBC and IRC Requirements. This rail is available in AAMA-2604 powder coat textured in a black finish.


Kits Include:

Level Bracket Kit

  • (2) Bottom Brackets & Fasteners
  • (2) Top Brackets, (2) Covers, (2) Adhesive Tape Patches, Fasteners
  • (1) Squash Block (Cut to Size), Level Connectors, Fasteners
  • T-25 Fastener Bit

Stair Bracket Kit

  • Everything Included in Level Kit
  • (2) Vertical Bottom Bracket Angle Adapters, Fasteners
  • (2) Vertical Top Bracket Angle Adapters, Fasteners
  • (1) Squash Block (Cut to Size), Angled Connectors, Fasteners
  • TORX Fastener Bit

Level Angle Kit

  • (1) Bottom Rail Bracket Adapter, Fasteners
  • (1) Top Rail Bracket Adapter, Fasteners