SCREENEZE Track (5pc, Aluminum, Vinyl Cap & 50 screws)


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Close in your outdoor space with SCREENEZE Kit, complete with hardware to cover various sizes of openings. This system is no-spline installation, and requires no special tools.

Traditional SCREENEZE® installs on the corner of a post, or inside of your post/column opening. The aluminum base is a “L” shape and the screws should be installed so they are hidden under the vinyl cap.

Miter corners or use the Screeneze Flush Mount Plinth Kit to conceal 90 degree corners after screen is installed.

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It all began with the original SCREENEZE® System over 18 years ago. SCREENEZE® came to fruition over the frustration with traditional methods. There had to be a better way. We wanted a system that was self-stretching but, above all, easy to repair or replace a torn screen. After several years, we landed on the idea of a two-part system. The base secures to a traditional timber framed porch and a cap that, when pressed on, secures and stretches the screen fabric.


10 Year Limited Warranty

Install From Inside or Outside

Incredibly Strong

Small Product Profile

Easy Screen Replacement


8’ & 12’ Lengths

Aluminum Base: 3/4” x 3/4”

Vinyl Cap: 3/8” x 1/2”

Splice for Longer Runs

Span Panels Up to 150 Sq Ft


No Staples | No Splines

Self Tightening | No Stretching

Use Less Lumber

Screws Included

Bim/Revit Ready