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SnapTrack Kit w/ Hardware & Screen

Porch Openings Made EASY with SCREENEZE Kits

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November 17, 2023

Screeneze SnapTrack Kit

Do you have a screened in porch that now has loose or sagging screen? Has a bird or squirrel wreaked havoc on your deck enclosure? Has a pet torn their way into or out of your screened porch chasing said bird or squirrel? 

Screen Problems

For those of you that may have a three season room, we understand that fiberglass screen installation methods may have brought about some repair and maintenance challenges. Older construction methods often included cedar or yellow pine 1x material fastened with finish nails and stapled to keep screens in place. We also understand that these old systems warp, fade, and often the screens sag or tear with increased wear with time and exposure to the elements. Finally we get to offer you a quick, easy solution to this problem – from SCREENEZE


SnapTrack by SCREENZE® Kits 

Screeneze has developed industry leading products that make screening in any outdoor space easy. And now, they’ve developed a new all-in-one kit that has just what you need to screen one opening at a time! These kits include 4 pieces of Screeneze SnapTrack, Ultravue #1818 fiberglass screen, 1 plinth corner set, and a set of stainless steel screws for installation. These Screeneze SnapTrack Kits are a great fit for a quick fix. These kits are also great for tackling your project one opening at a time, if you can’t tackle it all at once.


Screeneze SNAPTRACK Kit


These kits utilize all the benefits of SnapTrack features, including a no stretch, self-tightening, easy repair system. Also attached is a 10-year warranty on all parts for normal wear and tear.


How to Size Your SnapTrack Kit

If you are looking for a way to efficiently repair a section of your screened in outdoor area, look no further, we have a kit here for almost every average size of opening. Before you select a kit, it is important to know the dimensions of the opening where each kit will be installed. Remember, measure the length of each side of your opening, to ensure you are calculating the correct length of pieces, and area of screen you’ll need before ordering.

If you know what you are looking for – feel free to Shop Now!


4’ x 4’ and Smaller Openings

The Screeneze SnapTrack kit is perfect for repairing or installing screen in small openings, 48” x 48” or smaller. Sometimes you don’t need or want to purchase a full tube of Screeneze or a large roll of screen. This is for those that need a quick fix, that is going to look as good as new. Comes Bronze and White to match an existing paint or previously installed matching Screeneze Color.

Screeneze Small Opening Kit

4’ x 8’ Medium Size Opening

The medium size SnapTrack kit is great for repairs for average size openings. Perhaps a damaged section is next to a door, or behind some furniture on a patio that was backed into or a where a pet scratched its way through. This kit will cover or repair a section up to 32 square feet, or 48” x 96”. This kit includes two 8’ pieces of SnapTrack and cap, (2) 4’ pieces of SnapTrack and cap, screen to cover, (1) 4pc plinth kit and screws to install.

Screeneze Medium Opening Kit

8’ x 8’ Large Opening

This large size kit works well for above average, wide floor-to-ceiling openings. For a quick fix, cut all 4 Screeneze SnapTrack Kits pieces to the width of each side of an opening. Install with stainless steel screws. The included vinyl caps install easily using a soft mallet, and will tighten screen to desired tension with ease. Placing the plinths on corners will create a beautiful seamless transition between sides of the opening.

Screeneze Large Opening Kit



Screeneze Warranty Means Quality Products

Screeneze is known for great products, that last the test of time and the elements. Here at the Deck Supply, we’ve been selling Screeneze for nearly a decade. Screeneze  continues to prove itself as the aesthetically pleasing choice for homeowners, and a easy to install design for contractors. Screeneze has held a high standard for their products, and the warranty proves it. For more information on the Screeneze promise of quality, visit our Resource Center.

There are many different products available from SCREENEZE. If you are curious to know more, read how a screened in porch or deck can elevate your outdoor space. Learn more about how this system can be installed.