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Deck Supplies

The Ultimate Guide to Deck Supplies

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October 24, 2023

The Deck Supply KC North Showroom

The deck of your dreams is only as good as the materials that go into it. So when you decide to make your dreams a reality, you shouldn’t have to settle for subpar quality. Instead of heading straight to the big-box store near you, you can find everything you need at The Deck Supply. In addition to high-quality products, we offer expert advice from decades of experience supplying decorated contractors and hardcore DIYers alike. Get to know the deck supplies you’ll need with our ultimate guide.

What You’ll Need for a Wood Deck

There’s something about a wood deck that never goes out of style. Modern design trends and traditional flare come together to create natural, beautiful decks with a signature charm that composite just can’t replicate. Here are the products we recommend to build the best wood decks:


While The Deck Supply doesn’t carry wood decking options in store, we partner with trusted lumberyards to recommend the best pressure-treated wood for our customers. When considering the best deck boards for your project, you’ll need to consider three things: your budget, your conditions, and your preferences.

Pressure-treated wood comes in many widths and grades, so understanding what your project needs is important. Wood is graded by grain and the presence of imperfections. High-grade lumber costs more, but it contains fewer imperfections and better-looking grains. We recommend water-repellant and KDAT-treated wood to stand up to harsh elements.

If you’re working with a slimmer budget, we recommend opting for a lower-grade wood with more durable treatment to stay on budget without frequent replacement and maintenance. Higher budgets typically opt for composite decking. But if you’re dead-set on wood decking and don’t mind the maintenance, exotic woods are always a great choice to add a wow factor to your home.


To put everything together, you need the right screws and fasteners. From the structure of your deck to the finishing touches, The Deck Supply holds it all together with the toughest connectors available. These are some of the wood deck supplies you don’t want to skimp on.

For the structure of your wood deck, we recommend CAMO Structural Multipurpose Flat Screws. These structural screws are designed for easy drives, flush fits, and lasting connections. CAMO carefully engineered everything about these screws to get the job done right the first time without ever second-guessing your work.

When it comes to holding your deck together, there’s only one brand The Deck Supply recommends. CAMO wood epoxy-coated screws are great for many projects due to their simple yet sturdy construction. We also stock CAMO DRIVE 3” collated face screws that make installation a snap with the unique DRIVE installation system. 

The Deck Supply recommends CAMO because its products are backed by an industry-leading warranty against rust and corrosion. If anything happens to these screws under warranty, CAMO will make things right to keep everything held together tight. 

Railing Options

At The Deck Supply, we recommend improving the strength of your railing with steel and aluminum balusters. We also carry wood connectors to fasten wood decking to your railing for a classic look and a great place to put your drink on a hot summer night. 

The Right Connections

Every deck is different, which is why we stock so many different joists, post bases, and fastening systems. The Deck Supply carries solutions from Simpson, ThruLOK, and other leading manufacturers to ensure your deck stays structurally sound for years to come.

Simpson is one of our favorite manufacturers for these deck supplies because of their wide array of options. They utilize galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and provide strong connections for post bases, joist hangers, and L angles.


ThruLOK by Fastenmaster is one of our most recommended fastening systems. This solution provides strong, reliable through-bolted connections while making installation a snap—with no predrilling required! We recommend this system for framing, beams, and blocking where notching posts aren’t an option.


Wood decks have many intricacies that require specific solutions to get the professional quality and natural beauty that homeowners strive for when opting for pressure-treated wood deck supplies. But for those who want a low-maintenance, high-quality alternative, The Deck Supply recommends composite decking.

What You’ll Need for a Composite Deck

Instead of breaking your back to do yearly maintenance, composite decks only require the occasional cleaning. In addition to low upkeep, composite decks also offer an environmentally friendly alternative due to their unique composition. Here are the deck supplies we recommend for these advanced decks:


The Deck Supply is a leading supplier of composite deck supplies for projects across the US. Our pros are happy to recommend these deck boards because we trust them in our own homes! Composite is not only a great choice for low maintenance, it’s also great for the planet. Here are just a few options we recommend every day.


These boards are the best entry-level option to be green and save some green. The Weekender collection is our most affordable composite decking, which makes it a great choice for first-time builders, DIYers, and frugal contractors. The boards contain 96% recycled wood fibers and include a three-sided cap layer to prevent fading, cracking, and staining.

If the price and construction aren’t enough to get your attention, Fiberon includes a 25-year warranty that covers stains, fading, and performance. The good life is in reach for many customers, but that’s not the end of your composite decking options!

TimberTech provides some of the most natural-looking deck boards without the rigorous maintenance of wood. With hand-scraped textures and dynamic hues, these polymer-capped composite boards are an ideal blend of natural looks and low maintenance. These boards are some of our best-selling deck supplies because they provide a wide array of options for a great value.


Get the high-end look of exotic wood without any of the intense labor or costs! Trex Transcend is a great option for decking, railing, and even patio furniture for its high quality and low environmental impact! These deck boards provide a beautiful alternative to deforestation and are comprised almost entirely of recycled materials! Our pros recommend these boards for the best overall value. 

Fasteners and Screws

Composite materials are unlike any pressure-treated lumber option. Because of the unique composition of composite, customers need specialized screws and fasteners specifically designed with performance in mind.

This screw features a thread at the top of the shank that increases pull-down power, while its cutting lead edge creates a flush finish. It also includes a Type 99 double slash point that augers board material out for fast driving. These screws also include a trilobular shank to reduce torque and prevent mushrooming. 


This is the best hidden fastener system for stairs and perimeter boards. Our strongest hidden fastener system provides a clean look, using a high-quality, ACQ-approved, specialty deck screw with a TORX® ttap® drive system. 



Composite decks are the best option for the lowest maintenance possible, but they still need to be cleaned regularly to retain their luster. While some homeowners are content with a quick rinse with a power washer, The Deck Supply kicks things up a notch. To clean and protect your investment, we recommend our in-house cleaner to keep everything spotless while respecting the environment with a non-toxic formula.

Make It Unique

No matter what material you choose to build your deck, accessories are the best way to make your deck totally functional and unique. At The Deck Supply, we carry hundreds of options to personalize your outdoor happy place. Here are a few of our recommendations:


One of the most overlooked deck supplies are the furnishings! TimberTech has our customers covered with tables and chairs made from the same durable material used in their composite decking. The material may be the same, but each piece is smooth, comfortable, and tough enough to stay beautiful from season to season without ever needing to come inside!

Post Caps

We highly recommend adding post caps to your deck for a truly professional finish. The Deck Supply stocks DekPro caps for durable, beautiful touches to every post. DekPro supplies lighted and standard caps to fit every taste and budget.


Deckorators Arc Balusters


To enjoy your deck 24 hours a day, you’ll need to light it up! Our pros love to go over lighting options with our customers when selecting their deck supplies because we’re able to add a new dimension to the decks we design with the proper lighting. We carry DekPro lights and lighting accessories to cover everything from flush mounted lighting to controllers to set the right mood with the push of a button.

Find the Right Tools

As the old saying goes, you need the right tools for the right job. While there are thousands of tools available to build decks, we recommend keeping things simple, level, and easy. Here are the top tools we recommend to do just that:

The Basics

Every DIYer worth their toolbox should have the basics to bring a deck together. While The Deck Supply doesn’t carry basic tools, we do recommend investing in the basics before going for the options we recommend to contractors. The basic tools you’ll need are a hammer, level, driver, prybar, shovel, sawhorses, a chalk line, and a circular or miter saw. While you may already have these tools, our pros make sure to recommend everything you need to get the job done right.

Our Professional Tools

Camo Lever Tool Wood


Professional grade deck supplies need professional tools. That’s why The Deck Supply trusts CAMO tools to give our customers easy, professional installation no matter what materials they’re working with. With innovations like the DRIVE system, the MARKSMAN, and the LEVER, CAMO makes professional-quality decks quick and easy for builders of all skill levels.

The Right Deck Supplies Right Here

Finding the right supplies for your deck shouldn’t be a difficult task. Instead of hoping that guy in the vest knows what he’s talking about, talk to the pros in the polos who know best. Gather your supplies in our online shop, or stop in to talk with a pro at one of our locations!