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Metal Deck Supplies

Tested, Trusted: Our Top 10 Metal Deck Supplies of 2023

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November 29, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close The Deck Supply would like to review some of the most popular products according to our customers! This year, reliable steel, aluminum, and cable components ruled the railing segment across every industry supplier. For full kits, mounting, and hardware, we saw more metal deck supplies fly off our shelves than ever before. These are the products our dexperts are investing in to build the next generation of dream decks.

10. EZ-Clean Metal Cleaner / Protectant

To start our countdown of products that led to new possibilities in 2023, we start with the basics. Keeping metal components clean and protected is crucial for the longevity of your deck. Making dreams come to life starts with the right preparation, which made this product one of our most popular additions to the rest of these metal deck supplies.

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9. 8′ Westbury® Drink Rail Bracket

With more togetherness, backyard decks and front porches across the nation needed somewhere to park those drinks! The popularity of this product signaled a new chapter for modern deck builders. Instead of sticking strictly to form, these metal deck supplies are a great way to add function to your deck. 

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8. Fortress AL13 EVOLVE Angle Rail Connectors

Some of the best items we provided in 2023 were all about making the right connections. Fortress made building strong connections easy by evolving a crucial part of deck railing. These connectors are built to mount level rail sections to posts when post connections are not square. The AL-13 comes with metal screws to secure aluminum posts. Each kit also includes wood screws where rails attach to structural supports or posts.

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7. RailFX™ 6″ Fascia Mount Bracket

One of the biggest names we were proud to partner with in 2023 is RailFX. By innovating for every last detail of your deck, these fascia mounts are just a taste of the amazing capabilities with RailFX. Who would offer four color options for a product that doesn’t get noticed often? Only RailFX does. Our customers demand the best, and RailFX delivers with The Deck Supply’s full support. 

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6. RailFX™ Adjustable Top Post Plates for Wood Top Rail

Speaking of support, every wood rail needs a strong post plate to hold it firmly in place! RailFX proved themselves yet again by innovating one of the easiest adjustable components to install. Even if their brackets don’t typically get the limelight they deserve in daily use, our dexperts are looking forward to seeing these components on more decks in 2024 and beyond!

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5. Westbury Tuscany Level Rail Kit

Our final five metal deck supplies made a huge impact on decks across the nation. In 2023, metal railing was hot! But in 2024, things are heating up even more. The Westbury level rail kit is one of the wisest investments hardcore DIYers and contractors made for the years ahead. With the virtually rust-proof aluminum construction, the Tuscany was definitely one of the most impressive offerings at The Deck Supply in deck building this year.

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4. Fortress AL13 34″ Aluminum Assembled Rail Sections

Fortress stayed very popular by helping customers save time and money on installation. With options for panelized infills and pre-attached brackets, rail systems can go up in minutes, not hours. Customization sets these sections apart with a variety of looks. Customers set their design dreams free with top, accent, or drink rail options with every solution we supply!


Safety and reliability also played a major role in our recommendation for these metal deck supplies. The FortressLock powder-coated finish resists corrosion and includes UV protection, for the ultimate longevity and professional look of your railing. In addition to coming assembled as completely ADA-compliant, these rails are highly versatile! Many homeowners elevate the level of safety and ambiance to their outdoors by adding Fortress Accents™ LED lighting to their deck!


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3. DekPro™ Invisicable Kit for Wood

Of all our favorite metal deck supplies, cable is aaaalmost at the top of our list. DekPro is a trusted name at The Deck Supply because they stick to the basics. This keeps costs affordable and customers happy. When customers look for the most modern, functional solution for their railing, our dexperts always talk about Invisicable.


Every DekPro component is proudly made in the USA and shipped right to The Deck Supply via our direct connection. These cables are made from 1/8” high-quality 316-grade stainless steel. Each kit contains 1 strand of cable with 2.75” threaded stud on one end, Pull-Lock™ fitting, washers, nuts, and 2 end caps. Strands can be ordered from 10 to 70 feet, making this one of the top choices for contractors and hardcore DIYers alike.

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2. RailFX™ 10 Pack Cable Contractor Packs

At The Deck Supply, we offer contractor-grade products to consumers who require the best components for their deck. To supply contractors with the highest-quality and vast quantity of solutions they need, RailFX and our dexperts recommend buying in bulk.


The average “pro DIYer” may never use this much cable in their deck’s lifetime, but to get the best return for the big projects, more contractors than ever are mounting cable instead of opting for traditional metal deck supplies. The flexibility and durability of these cables are why our dexperts dream of these cables as we settle in for the final months of 2023.

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1. RailFX PFX1000

We may be settling in, but we’re not settling down! Our number one product of 2023 is hands down the latest aluminum railing system from RailFX. The PFX1000 is truly an innovation that’s going to be a huge contender in 2024. What if we told you that just one kit could give you everything you need to build your entire dream deck railing? 

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It’s true! With the PFX1000, every metal deck supply you need is included in one custom made to order kit. To build yours, our dexperts go over 4 key reasons why RailFX is changing the deck industry. Every kit includes preassembled panels, available in 6–8’ level and stair configurations. Each also includes pivotable brackets to make mounting even more flexible by 0–45 degrees. Custom gates are also easy to assemble and install on-site, but the biggest noise this product is making is actually about what you don’t hear. The tension fit balusters tie everything together perfectly with built-in tensioners to ensure rattling rails stay in 2023.

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The Gift That Keeps Giving

This year, maybe you should skip the jelly of the month club. Instead, give your home the deck you deserve, made possible with The Deck Supply’s favorite metal deck supplies. Start 2024 off right by talking about your project with our dexperts! We’re excited to bring even more great options in the new year! 

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