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Wood Deck Railing

Wood Deck Railing: Read Before You Buy

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October 24, 2023

If you’re building your first deck, The Deck Supply is excited to share all of your quality options and materials available in our showroom! For many first-time homeowners, a deck is a fun and rewarding way to enjoy the biggest room of your home. However, in the current housing market, home improvement budgets aren’t what they used to be! Wood deck railing is a great way to build your deck on an entry-level budget, but everything comes with a cost. 

That’s why the pros at The Deck Supply are sharing the real costs of cutting corners when it comes to your railing. Sure, your project can get done under budget, but trust us, the real cost comes in ways most homeowners don’t think about. Here are the pros and cons we discuss with many DIYers every day:

Wood Deck Railing Pros

While The Deck Supply doesn’t recommend wood deck railing, wood has its place in many projects we help with! As you consider your options, a wood railing system may seem appealing for many different reasons. Here are the top 3 reasons customers choose wood railing over our alternatives: 


The number one reason customers choose wood deck railing is the cost. Many big-box hardware stores sell complete kits or have guides that require a wood railing. The important thing to keep in mind is that these stores put their profits over the quality of your project. You can call us old-fashioned, but The Deck Supply believes that customers should get what they pay for. Ask yourself: Do you really want to put another 2 or 3 thousand dollars into repairs over the life of your deck? We didn’t think so.


Another major reason customers choose wood deck railing is because they aren’t sure where to find higher-quality options. Out of the thousands of lumberyards and big-box home improvement stores, finding seasoned, trusted pros and products is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why The Deck Supply makes it easy for everyone to build professional-quality decks. Instead of wasting your day picking up subpar supplies, head to our online shop and find professional-quality railing in just a few clicks! 

Ease of Installation

Simpson SDWS Truss Screw


At the end of the day, you’re the one putting it all together! We won’t lie to you; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to screw wood deck railing together. However, doing the job right the first time takes a toolbelt full of skills and knowledge not every homeowner has. 

It may be easy to initially put wood railing together, but when it comes to replacements, balusters, collars, post caps, and more, that guy in the red vest may not be able to help you when you need it most. That’s why our team helps every customer design and maintain their deck with the right materials the first time. We also partner with leading manufacturers to create our resource center. There, you’ll find tips, tricks, and how-tos that can help every homeowner assemble their deck like a pro.

Wood Deck Railing Cons

Now that we’ve discussed the pros of wood deck railing, there are a few cons we talk to every customer about as we discuss their railing options. As we plan your professional deck at The Deck Supply, these are the top reasons we steer clear of wood railing:


Unless you like constantly painting, sealing, sanding, or staining a wood railing system, you’ll want to see our alternatives. Wood deck railing is guaranteed to stain, fade, warp, and weather over time. This is just the nature of natural materials exposed to the elements. Even the highest-grade pressure-treated wood will need to be replaced and maintained, which is why our experts recommend more durable materials that look just as good and perform even better! 


Wood is beautiful because no two boards are the same, but on the other hand, it’s hard to ensure every board is of the exact same quality. We’ve all seen those warped boards at a home improvement store and thought, “I’d never use that board!” But when you’re trusting a stranger behind a desk to source your lumber, quality isn’t always guaranteed. 

All of the railing options we recommend are tried and tested. We also offer some options backed by a manufacturer’s warranty that will make things right if something is sent to you wrong. At The Deck Supply, you’re not trusting some stranger behind a keyboard. You get real-world advice from experts with decades of experience and the highest-quality materials on the market.

A Pain in the…

When was the last time you got a splinter? If your railing was to blame, it’s time to take the pain out of your next outdoor party. Wood deck railing is notoriously prone to weathering and splintering over time, which is why we avoid it at all costs on our own decks. The options our pros trust, such as aluminum or steel, may be more expensive—but trust us, your hands will thank you in the long run.

Wood railing can also cause headaches when it comes to maintenance and replacement. While we love building and designing decks, there’s nothing we’d rather avoid more than extra work. When you step up your deck railing game, you’re saving hours of labor and thousands of dollars spent over the lifetime of your deck. To get the best railing for your deck and your budget, The Deck Supply has options for everyone!

Our Wood Deck Railing Options

To provide the highest-quality products for every deck we help design, The Deck Supply draws from over half a century of combined industry experience. We also stock the latest materials, tools, and hardware from brands that contractors and DIYers trust all over the United States. Whether you’re dead set on wood deck railing or you’re open to alternatives, here are the options our dexperts will discuss with you.

The Best Screws

If you’re going to use wood railing, you’d better hold everything together tight! CAMO Wood Epoxy Coated Screws are a must for anyone needing a sturdy connection for decking, railing, and everything in between. You may think wood screws are all the same, but CAMO is anything but your typical fastener brand.



Each screw is specially designed from the auger tip to its flush mount head. CAMO engineers every screw they create to start fast, hold strong, and build confidence in every exterior project. They also offer an industry-leading warranty against rust and corrosion, so when it comes to replacements, screws are the last thing you’ll have to worry about. 

Post Caps

Every deck without a roof needs post caps for a finished, professional look. Even entry-level wood deck railing deserves pro-quality looks when everything is finished. Our pros trust Fortress for the quality and construction every homeowner deserves.



For the added flair and functionality your deck ought to have, we recommend Fortress Accents Post Caps. Each post cap is comprised of die cast aluminum to ensure a durable, beautiful finishing touch to your wood deck railing. You can also easily transform your outdoor space with the available waterproof LED light! Each kit has a power supply option featuring a dimmer, timer, and photocell. Who said staying on budget had to be boring?

Railing Connectors

When it comes to professional-grade decks, we’ve thought of everything. To add a cohesive look and additional functionality to your wood deck railing, The Deck Supply has you covered!

With the deck board railing connector from Deckorators®, you can add a deck board to the top of your railing. This not only ties your railing in perfectly with your decking, but it also gives you a convenient, stable surface throughout your deck. Our customers love to use this additional space for decorations or a cool drink as they enjoy their great outdoors. This small addition can have a huge impact on your quality of life with just a few additional screws and deck boards!

Wood Deck Railing Alternatives

While we’re happy to help everyone build the deck of their dreams, we may stock wood deck railing solutions, but are very selective when we recommend them. At The Deck Supply, you’ll find options our pros trust to stand the test of time and look great doing it! That’s why we trust materials such as aluminum, steel, and even glass to provide options that are just as beautiful as they are durable. 

Steel Railing

For the toughest railing on the market, The Deck Supply has you covered with fully assembled components ready for your project. Some of the most durable, elegant railing options we recommend have two things in common: they’re all steel, and they’re all Fortress. Steel may be a pricey option when you compare the initial costs to wood deck railing. But through every season, storm, and shindig that hits your deck, peace of mind is worth every penny.



Our newest steel railing option is our Fortress Fe26 AXIS 34” Rail system. With a modern panel style, your deck is sure to set an example for modern style with a timeless quality that stands the test of time. Each rail system comes pre-assembled for easy installation, with all the hardware you’ll need to put it all together right the first time. Fortress also backs its railing with an industry-leading 15-year warranty! In our decades of building decks, the same basic principles of design always remain the same. 

Aluminum Railing

We look to our aluminum rail options for the most advanced rust resistance and the highest-quality looks available. DekPro is one of the top brands we look to for our most discerning customers.


Dek Pro Rod Rail


One of our top-selling products is the DekPro Prestige Aluminum Rail Kit. This complete kit includes every screw, baluster, and lineal you’ll need for long-lasting, professional-quality railing. With four available colors and two railing profiles, this is one of the most customizable, railing kits The Deck Supply has to offer!

Designing Your Deck Railing

To design your deck railing with The Deck Supply, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind as we build your dream deck. Budget, desired look, and maintenance requirements are all major factors when we help pick out your desired deck railing.

For more budget-conscious homeowners who don’t mind maintenance, wood deck railing is an easy decision. In 2023, wood railing typically costs between $15 and $50 a linear foot, while aluminum is closer to $75 a linear foot. The biggest reason our customers opt for metal railing is because they will inevitably spend the difference between wood and metal over the life of their deck on hidden costs. To keep costs low and customers happy, The Deck Supply carries the highest-quality options available.

We Supply Dreams

When we say decks are all we do, we mean it. The Deck Supply is who your contractor calls when they need advice on deck building. With our vast resource center and the professional tools and supplies to bring it all together, there’s only one place to get everything your deck deserves in one trip. Start building your dream deck with our pros in one of our showrooms. Or gather your supplies completely online

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