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Composite Deck Supplies

Good, Better, Best: Our Recommended Composite Deck Supplies

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October 24, 2023

At The Deck Supply, we’re happy to help everyone do their deck right and stay on budget. Our options keep quality in reach for homeowners throughout the US thanks to our thoughtful product sourcing and strong industry ties. When it comes to composite decking, there are many specialized components you’ll need to make a beautiful, long-lasting investment in your home. To get your project started, start with these ideal composite deck supplies.


To kick off our list, we’re looking into composite deck supplies that respect the environment and your wallet. Composite decking gets a bad wrap because many homeowners think the initial cost is high compared to pressure-treated wood materials. However, our favorite brands in this segment are actually very comparable! Here are the basics we recommend to get homeowners started in the world of composite decking:



First things first: You’ll want to choose the right decking. We recommend starting with the basics—specifically, Trex Enhance Basics composite decking. These are not only a great choice for frugal homeowners, but they’re also some of the easiest to install and maintain! With options for tongued or square edges and multiple colors, Trex keeps quality and options in reach for every taste and budget.


The screws that hold everything together are not something to skimp on. That’s why we recommend CAMO 316 Stainless Steel Composite Deck Screws. CAMO brings the durability of high-test 316 grade stainless steel to the consumer level with threads and heads designed specifically for composite decking. These are some of the most important composite deck supplies regardless of your budget, so don’t settle for anything less than the best!


Due to the density of composite materials, these decks require very sturdy framing. While we discuss screws, our dexperts will recommend a forever deck frame to fit your design and hold everything up for years to come. For many projects, we suggest joists from Simpson ZMax for their high-grade stainless steel construction and various options for almost any application!


As you design your deck with The Deck Supply, you may find that your budget can stretch a lot further than you think! If that is the case, we recommend looking into composite deck supplies to invest in the value and beauty of your home. Here are the best supplies to get a solid return on your investment for many years.



For this segment, we recommend TimberTech PRO® Legacy deck boards. These boards are hand scraped, so no two boards are identical. This gives the same look as natural wood decking and durable construction that you can only get from composite decking. TimberTech also supplies PRO® Legacy deck fascia boards for a uniform look and feel throughout your deck.

Hidden Fastener Systems

Hidden fasteners are the best way to take the overall look and feel of your deck to the next level. Whether you need natural wood or composite deck supplies, we recommend CAMO EDGE Universal deck clips. These clips are placed in between boards to fasten them to the framing without drilling through the board itself! You’ll need to use these clips with a grooved deck board option such as the TimberTech PRO Legacy boards or one of our other great grooved decking options!


At The Deck Supply, there are no bad options, but our best options for composite deck supplies center around the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. It’s hard to narrow down our favorite products, but as you get to know our top recommendations, it’s easy to see why these are at the top of every customer’s wishlist.



The top of the line TimberTech AZEK® Vintage WIDE deck boards are the dexpert’s choice for many reasons. For starters, the natural look of exotics like Ipe, Mahogany, and Teak is enough to take anyone’s breath away, but TimberTech didn’t stop there! These deck boards are also made from proprietary polymers including 50% post-industrial plastic. They also include an industry-leading PVC coating that requires almost no maintenance. Our most discerning customers choose these boards for their top-quality construction and incredibly low impact on the environment.

Railing Options

The Deck Supply only recommends the highest-quality railing options available to ensure a beautiful, solid system to complement the beauty of your home. For this, we recommend steel, aluminum, and even glass balusters. We also include options for cable railing systems and all the connectors you’ll need to bring it together.

Tools and Resources

Specialized composite deck supplies require some specialized tools for installation. Lucky for you, our experts have thought of everything! Our resources and professional tools give you all you need to get the job done right.

CAMO Tools


Your toolbox probably already has everything you need for small home projects. But when it comes to professional-quality installation tools, CAMO is the brand contractors and DIYers trust to save time and avoid back-breaking work. We carry a wide range of tools from CAMO including the LEVER, MARKSMAN, and DRIVE systems. Each of these are designed to work with CAMO fasteners flawlessly for a strong connection with every drive.

The Deck Cleaner

While composite decks don’t require much rigorous maintenance, they do need a good scrubbing every now and then to maintain a beautiful finish. In our years in the deck-building industry, we found that homeowners would like to avoid harsh chemicals in their cleaners. We took our decades of experience and bottled it up in our house blend deck cleaner! The Deck Cleaner is safe for the environment but tough on stains and fading. This cleaner is truly one of the easiest ways to maintain your composite deck for years.

Get It Together!

Professional-quality service and products are why thousands of homeowners trust The Deck Supply to help them do decking right. Get your list together in our online shop or by talking to our pros in one of our showrooms. We’re excited to find the best composite deck supplies for you!