Simpson ZMAX® Light Post Cap Connectors


Post caps connect tops of posts to members for a secure connection and are ideal for new or retrofit applications where structural support is needed. Post cap connectors from Simpson Strong-Tie are available in a variety of one-piece caps for new construction and two-piece options for retrofit of existing connections.

The LPCZ is designed for a variety of connections between a 4x or 6x beam and a post. This versatile, light post cap has an adjustable design that allows for connection versatility in both new and retrofit applications where structural support is needed. The LPCZ has a ZMAX® coating, a thicker galvanized finish that helps to extend the service life of the connector.

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  • LPC4Z — 18 gauge; LPC6Z — 16 gauge
  • ZMAX coating
  • Always install in pairs; universal design eliminates need for rights and lefts
  • Stronger than angled nailing or screw fastening; eliminates nailing into end grain
  • Can be installed after beams have been put in place