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Screeneze Track and Tuffscreen for Decks

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces with Screeneze & Tuffscreen

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November 17, 2023

Bronze Screneeze Lake

Screeneze Kits, Track, and Tuffscreen

Screeneze is the ultimate solution for creating reliable and aesthetically appealing screened-in porches, patios, and other outdoor areas. In this blog, we will explore the various benefits of using Screeneze and how it can enhance your outdoor living experience.

Screeneze Bronze

When Screenze is installed, it can make a deck feel like an extension of any home, allowing you to create extra living spaces such as screened-in porches, patios, or even outdoor kitchens. These additions not only increase the overall livable square footage of your property but also provide an ideal space for relaxation, dining, or entertaining guests. With Screeneze, you can seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor living, immersing yourself in nature while still enjoying the comforts of home.

What You Probably Like Most About Your Covered Deck

Shade and Shelter from the Elements

Summer days can get HOT! Having a structure that breaks the direct sunlight on your deck can keep it much cooler, and more accommodating for more of those warm season days and nights! A covered outdoor space can also provide shelter from rain, snow, and help minimize the amount of debris that could fall directly on this space.


Having a covered porch, patio, or deck gives your space shape, and can help frame an environment that feels more intimate or secluded from a yard or neighbors.

Fireplace & TV

Many choose to install a gas fireplace in their covered deck, for a cozy aesthetic, a bold design statement, and perhaps a place to hang a television to watch while relaxing.


Covered outdoor spaces provide a great atmosphere for entertaining, day or night, as lights, fans, and speakers can be installed to extend the time of day and type of entertaining that can be done on a patio or deck.

What You Want Most for Your Covered Deck or Patio

Are you longing to transform your outdoor living spaces into a haven where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the beauty of nature without any disturbances? So you have a covered deck already, or you are thinking of having one installed over your porch or patio – here are some tips that we think will help make the choice to screen that space in a no-brainer!

Screeneze White Porch

No More Bugs

One of the most significant advantages of using Screeneze is its ability to keep insects and pests at bay. Whether you live in an area with mosquitoes, flies, or other annoying bugs, Screeneze acts as an effective barrier that prevents them from entering your outdoor living space. Now, you can enjoy a peaceful and pest-free environment without having to constantly swat away intruders.

Dust and Debris and Wind Breakage

Apart from pests, Screeneze also acts as a barrier against dust, debris, and other pollutants that can ruin your outdoor experience. Whether it’s windy days or nearby construction, the screen keeps unwanted particles from entering your space. This allows you to breathe fresh air and keep your outdoor furniture and surfaces clean and tidy.

If your outdoor living area is prone to breezes and wind in certain seasons throughout the year, Screeneze can help by acting as a windbreak. When Screeneze is installed, it pulls screen quite tight, and can help keep sudden gusts and strong winds from interrupting dinner or conversations.

More Privacy

In addition to making a bug free and debris free environment for your outdoor space, Screeneze can offer additional shade and moderate privacy from the sun and your neighbors. There are a myriad of screen types that can be used with the Screeneze system, including TuffScreen #1713, NoSeeUms, and most fiberglass screen offerings.

Long Lasting Benefits and Top Notch Warranties

Screeneze track and Tuffscreen for Decks offer a myriad of benefits that can transform your outdoor living spaces into a sanctuary where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. This system keeping pests at bay to extending your living areas and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Screeneze provides a reliable and low-maintenance solution for your screened-in porch, patio, or other outdoor areas. Upgrade your outdoor experience today with Screeneze and create a space where relaxation and comfort go hand in hand.

Screeneze Bronze Horizontal Rail Concrete Patio

Bang For Your Buck – The Cost Breakdown


Screeneze is a very economical solution to screening in your outdoor space. No two projects are alike, and quoting an exact number for install cost can be a moving target based on these three factors:

Length of Opening Perimeter

The overall length of all sides of a window can vary, and should be considered when creating a budget for a project. The cost for track is approximately $5/linear foot of perimeter for each opening.

Size of Opening Area

This aspect of your project cost can be determined by the cost of screen used to cover your opening. Our Tuffscreen offerings are generally priced at a little less than $1/square foot – for the best screen product available.

Shape of Opening

Very few decks are the same dimensions all around, so if you have a fancy deck with arches, or large openings with gabled cedar beams, or unique architectural details, the type of Screeneze used for your project may require additional hardware like plinth corners or Flatbar to ensure your screen can cover each opening on your deck seamlessly.

Overall Cost

All said and done, general estimations would indicate that a deck, porch, or patio installed with Screeneze and Tuffscreen product can be done for approximately $3.50/square foot, based on the average cost of materials for an 8’ x 8’ (96” x 96”) opening.

If you are looking to have these products installed for you, we recommend reaching out to local contractors. We recommend obtaining quotes from contractors who are expert Screeneze installers. Choose a contractor that instills the most confidence in your decision making process, by way of proven experience and reasonable cost to install.

Best Screen Product Available

At the end of the day, this is our favorite screen and track product to recommend! The no-spline installation system, durable paint finish, patented track and cap technology makes it versatile! And the product line is even better now with the Zero-Clearance Screen Door. When paired with TuffScreen #1713, there is no better way to screen in your porch, patio or deck!

Screeneze Bronze Tuffscreen Treated Deck

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