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The Best Aluminum Deck Railing

Everything You Should Know About Aluminum Deck Railing

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November 29, 2023

DekPro Prestige Rod Rail

Professional-quality decks demand professional-grade products. That’s why The Deck Supply is proud to provide the same great supplies to discerning DIYers and accomplished contractors alike. To build your ideal deck railing, we carry great options that use only the highest-quality materials. Our dexperts recommend aluminum deck railing for truly professional looks and unmatched durability. To fully understand this amazing material and our top products, The Deck Supply shares what every customer should know about our most popular railing option.

The Miracle Metal

When you think of aluminum, what comes to mind? From soda cans and shell casings to truck beds and space shuttle parts, aluminum is one of the most versatile metals in the world today. Once more expensive than gold, this metal is made possible by over a century of research and development from scientists around the world. Aluminum deck railing is just one more innovation in the long history of this amazing metal. Here are the main reasons our dexperts prefer this material over others.

Dek Pro Rod Rail


Heavy-duty doesn’t have to mean heavy! Aluminum deck railing is one of the lightest materials available for decks. In addition to making the installation less labor-intensive, this material lowers shipping costs. This often offsets the initial cost of this railing compared to other metal railing options.

Corrosion Resistance

The main reason for the popularity of aluminum is its corrosion-resistant properties. Because it doesn’t need the replacement or maintenance of other metals, aluminum is one of the most widely used materials in skyscrapers, park slides, and, yes, deck railings. To further protect your investment, the brands we trust utilize specialized coatings to protect aluminum deck railing against whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Our Trusted Brands

When we say decking is all we do, we mean it! At The Deck Supply, we only trust brands that provide our customers with the highest-quality products possible. Our dexperts grade every product we source on aesthetics, value, and customer reception. By providing durable, beautiful, valuable solutions, The Deck Supply ensures every customer can enjoy their great outdoors in style and comfort. These are the top-rated brands we recommend every day:


One of the most innovative brands we’re proud to partner with is DekPro. With a close focus on form and function, every DekPro solution we offer is designed to enhance the crucial details of your deck. The Deck Supply is proud to support a fellow family-owned business every time we recommend supplies from DekPro.

In addition to high-quality aluminum deck railing, DekPro also provides durable cable railing, textured balusters, and lighted post caps. All of these components create a truly professional-grade deck for every customer at The Deck Supply.


With some of the highest standards for every component, The Deck Supply trusts Westbury. In addition to high quality, this brand boasts some of the most intuitive installations of any aluminum deck railing system. With quality products for any project and helpful support for every installation, Westbury continues to be one of our most highly recommended brands.

Fortress Building Products

One of the most respected names in the deck building industry comes home to The Deck Supply. Fortress is the top choice for customers looking for the widest selection of components for their decks. While they may provide some of the most beautiful railing solutions in our showrooms, Fortress is more than just a pretty face.

Fe26 Traditional 8' Stair Panel ADJ


Bold innovation and radical ideas are what make Fortress a beloved brand at The Deck Supply. Even our dexperts find it hard to find words to fully describe Fortress’s attention to function, form, and value. Fortunately, their pioneering spirit provides one for us. To experience the definition of outdurable living, ask for Fortress when searching for aluminum deck railing.


The most anticipated brand coming to The Deck Supply is taking the deck-building industry by storm. RailFX is the most highly recommended brand we carry for many reasons. While deck railing is often thought of as a barrier, the minds at RailFX believe in building connections. Truly lasting connections take a lot more than just aluminum deck railing. Luckily, RailFX excels in connecting customers to quality.


Every RailFX product we carry comes with comprehensive guides for installation and complete kits custom-built for decks of every shape and size. The Deck Supply is proud to partner with many professional-grade deck-building suppliers, but we’re especially excited to show you what we have in store when it comes to RailFX’s amazing options. To find the right aluminum deck railing for you, contact our dexperts, stop into our showroom, or keep reading for the most popular solutions we offer!

Products We’re Proud Of

Our favorite brands create some of the best products in the national home improvement market. The Deck Supply is proud to share our most popular and anticipated products for contractors and hardcore DIYers.

36″ Level DekPro™ Prestige Aluminum Rail Kit


Our current best-selling kit for aluminum deck railing comes completely ready to install in minutes, not hours. With robust square balusters, brackets, and rail supports, DekPro redefines the industry standard. Available in black, bronze, maple cream, and white, this kit is just as flexible for designs as it is durable for the elements.

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Fortress AL13 34″ Aluminum Assembled Rail Sections

This formidable aluminum deck railing kit by Fortress gives customers what they really want without having to ask. DIYers can enjoy the weekend instead of working through it, and contractors can fill their schedules up with prepaneled infills and pre-attached brackets.


Homeowners love it because of the variety of customization options and ultra-low maintenance. Deck building pros have one less thing to worry about with code-compliant welds for everything from commercial to residential projects.

Check It Out

Westbury® Tuscany Stair Crossover Rail Kit

Westbury is where beauty and strength come together. Tuscany is how they put elegance on display for decks everywhere. This kit comes in a variety of designs, colors, and textures for you to choose what fits you. From the front of your home to the deck in the back, Westbury® Aluminum Deck Railing was designed for lasting beauty for your home.


This kit is referred to as a stair crossover kit. Westbury designed this solution with a top rail 6″ longer than the bottom rail to ensure complete compatibility with their Crossover Swivel Kit. This pairing makes this our dexpert’s choice for ADA graspable handrails. With safety, sophistication, and customization for every deck, it’s hard to imagine any other solution for stairs!

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A New Day for Deck Railing

Cue the dramatic intro music! As excited as we are for the holidays at The Deck Supply, we can’t wait for 2024. The first truckloads of a truly revolutionary aluminum deck railing product are hitting our showrooms this January, and you don’t want to miss it!

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Introducing the PFX1000 System

The PFX1000 aluminum deck railing system makes carefree reliability possible with a virtually maintenance-free design and a limited lifetime warranty. This game-changing kit is made of extruded aluminum that will never rust and exceeds IBC and IRC requirements. This gives homeowners a virtually unbeatable return on their investment when building their dream deck.

Build Your PFX1000 Kit

Our direct connection to RailFX allows us to provide the most customization possible for almost every aspect of your PFX1000 kit. Here are a few ways we can customize your aluminum deck railing solution:

Preassembled Panels

Height and Width

Preassembled panels can be ordered in 6’ and 8’ level and stair sections. Optional KD kits provide available 10’ lengths as well.

Color Options

The PFX1000 aluminum deck railing features AAMA-2604 powder coating available in textured black and bronze finishes.

Adjustable Brackets


The mounting brackets connecting this aluminum deck railing kit are able to pivot from 0 to 45 degrees. This provides solutions that are up to code no matter where your deck needs them.

Adjustable Gates

The gate kit includes all materials to accommodate gates up to 47″ wide and 42″ rail height. The installer will need to trim the components to fit your exact specifications. This advanced aluminum deck railing gate includes everything you need to get the job done right with two self-closing hinges, a locking gate switch, and every necessary fastener.

Tension Fit Baluster

Unlike many balusters that can rattle over time, this aluminum deck railing solution includes tension fit balusters. This means a more secure fit by utilizing internal tension pins built into the design.

Unbeatable Pricing

If all those innovations aren’t enough for you, how does rock-bottom pricing sound? RailFX and The Deck Supply’s exclusive partnership provides the lowest pricing possible. That means no crazy markups and no hidden fees!

We also honor the RailFX rebate on RailFX aluminum deck railing systems, including the PFX System, FlexFX, or cable kits purchased between January 1 – December 31, 2024. This rebate gives 10% back on your first purchase, and 5% back on your second and third rebate submissions.

New Year, New Deck Supplies

You don’t have to wait for your Christmas bonus to build a beautiful, durable deck! The Deck Supply is proud to provide professional-grade products at great prices because everyone deserves to have a great deck! Put your dream deck under your tree this season with the dexperts in our showrooms!

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